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Sunday, April 07, 2019

On The Road To The Isles - repost


Numbed by this alien terrain,
where truth spells a montony
of rain, we ride entombed

towards our Shangri-La.

Each fresh horizon
taunts the tired eye,
echoes the fretful sense

of hours gone by.

A weariness pervades
this no-man's land.


Go West young man!
We make our final fling -

turning to be embraced
by fire. The mist resorbed,
light's pan-theophany

revives a blighted mind.

Rainbows and thunderfall engrave
their echoes on the boundary
of our wonderment, refresh

a dormant sense.
The sky line seethes -
sun sanctified.


White, searing, the unseen sun
burns from the core
of mountains, transforms

a shroud of haze
into a panoply of light.
Rocks swallowed by, still seize

upon this shimmering -
a spectral residue
of more torrential times.

Malcolm Evison

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Magic & High Court ruling

I've just unearthed this (poetic tirade) amongst a pile of rough drafts - I still rage against the same governing party .....

Listening to Archie Shepp 'The Magic of Ju-Ju'
( a response after hearing news of Tory High Court clampdown
on CWU right to strike}

the rage and fury bursts
straight through my anger
diverts my impotent rage
grants a directional force

the struggle continues
as more is stolen
from the poorest
their power and pride

screams out

malcolm evison
12 October 2017

My draft poem’Towards an Autocratic State was also a response to the same court ruling:

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Lines whilst listening to "New Thing at Newport" (1965

Lines whilst listening to “New Thing at Newport” (1965)
[Draft 4]

the reeds stray
from strident to mellifluous  
Soaring and flailing through the air
dance and sing their way
                        around and over percussive beats
release me from despondency
assure me that at least
                         I can still feel

                           Malcolm Evison
                            27 March 2018

Sunday, February 24, 2019

not waiting but sounding

We don’t wait, we wonder
if now is the time
for songs to flow –
strive to illuminate
the process of the mind.

We don’t write, we struggle
with unresolved dilemmas
from a troubled time.
Snatching the fevered line
out of a verbal stream.

We capture sprats from our
sense saturated scheme
of things, our thoughts
inscribed by rumours
of some impenetrable theme.

Our words may seldom praise, although
their aim is affirmation –
our images may never raise
the hopes of those who know
and share our fears.

Often we take the bait
our tamed imagination feeds us –
swallowing dreams, regurgitating
woes. We seldom wait, we wander

out into the unknown.

                       Malcolm Evison



Be more precise, sustain
these frequent lapses into sanity –
pronounce your arguments
with pure audacity. Explain

the cause of your temerity,
Bring me a fantasy which bares
a greater quotient of reality.

I yield, although I should not,
You wield
the greater power, but would not

always share. Tear me
away from light, remind me
of that lurking fear

of demons in the night.

Malcolm Evison

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Mounds Mystery

Mounds Mystery

Each tussock casts a spell
It holds the hound in thrall
To some deep primitive allure

His nostrils flare
Then slap the fragranced air
As they snap back

Swallow the scent
Of other marking creatures
Or maybe deeper still

Beneath the tufted mound
Some timid smaller prey
Seeks sanctuary

Malcolm Evison
13 – 18 February 2019

Sunday, September 02, 2018